Vendor Quotes

Patrick Morcus
Mar 22, 2021
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Product Updates

We do our best to listen to and respond to your requests. Now, Rotabull lets you see your vendor quote (VQ) history when preparing a customer quote.

In the past,wWhen you got RFQs for parts without any stock, you may have needed to check vendor quotes or past purchases in Quantum Control or Pentagon 2000SQL. Now, you can see your historical data directly in Rotabull.

Take advantage of your historical data to quote faster

Before setting a price for a potential customer, you need to know the cost of purchasing the part from a potential vendor. We listened to your feedback on how limiting it was not having the vendor pricing information available at your fingertips when you needed it. Based on this, we built a way to view Vendor Quotes ("VQs") directly into Rotabull.

@rotabull 2021 - Vendor Quote dropdown

Now, when answering an RFQ,  check if a part number has VQ history in a tab in Smart Quote dropdown. If it has been quoted in the past 90 days, all the information provided by a vendor will be displayed here. It includes the date, condition, vendor, and stock information.

The best new features come from your feedback about what you need. So, once you try Vendor Quotes out, keep the requests coming! Drop us an email at We will keep listening to your needs and doing our best to make Rotabull the easiest way to sell.

Finally, if you missed our latest update, check out some of the features we shipped in the past few months you can start using right away.

Patrick Morcus
Mar 22, 2021