Made easy.

Remote work

Team members in multiple places working on multiple RFQs can get messy and complicated. We designed Rotabull to make it simple, no matter how many people are on your team.

Divide up work into teams

Rotabull lets you create teams for different regions, product lines, or however else you'd like to divide up work. Switch between teams to focus just on what you need to do, or zoom out to see all your RFQs at once.

Assign RFQs

Need someone else's input or approval? Assign RFQs to another person or team. They'll be able to see all your saved work on the deal as a draft.

Create automatic assignment rules

Rotabull lets you set up automation rules to automatically assign a customer to a person or team. This is great for keeping an account manager in the loop about all the activity for their key accounts.

Focus on the right thing

Manage high volumes of RFQs by autoquoting lower-value deals, so your team can focus on the closing the most important ones.

See a deal's history

See all the activity on a deal in an audit trail, so there's no confusion about what happened when. No more dropping deals or double quoting.

Invite unlimited users

We don't charge per user, or limit who can use Rotabull. Invite everyone on your team. No need to share logins or licenses.

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