Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rotabull a marketplace?

No, Rotabull is a fast, simple, and connected platform for modern sales teams. It is designed for sellers in the aviation supply chain to speed up their parts & repair sales.

We bring everything into a single inbox so you can effortlessly manage all RFQs and generate quotes that fill themselves out. Rotabull gives you one workflow from RFQ, quote, follow-up, invoice to payment that seamlessly fits into your day-to-day process.

Why should I sell on multiple marketplaces?

The more marketplaces you use, the more opportunities you have to win a new customer. Through daily listing updates, we increase your visibility on marketplaces. Since each platform has different buyers, selling on multiple helps you reach more customers and drive more RFQs.

Rotabull connects to your ERP system so that when you get something new into stock, it’s automatically broadcast out or pulled down when sold. Besides, you can easily see reports on every aspect of your performance, for example, where the most RFQs come from and which aircraft part is most quoted.

How many marketplaces can Rotabull connect to?

Rotabull connects to multiple marketplaces and supports teams of all sizes to broadcast their inventory on 10+ platforms. You can find the latest list of platforms here. We are working on adding new ones too!

Can I choose which parts to list on the marketplaces?

Yes. You can set up rules to control exactly what is listed from your inventory and repair capabilities. You can make arbitrary rules, but some common ones are inclusions/exclusions based on consignment codes, locations, condition codes, etc. We also check for duplicates and errors in your listings. You don't need to wait to clean up bad ERP data to get started.

Does Rotabull integrate with different ERP systems?

Currently, we offer native, two-way ERP integrations with Quantum Control, AvSight, and Pentagon 2000SQL. These integrations pull data from your ERP, and can also sync updates back into the system.

You can also use our API to integrate with other ERP systems.

Can you process RFQs received via email?

Yes. Rotabull uses AI to automatically recognize RFQs received by email and make them easily accessible in your RFQ inbox.

What other benefits do I get from using Rotabull?

Users who work on specific customer accounts can get their customers' RFQs automatically delivered directly into their inbox. With one click, you and your team can attach files of unlimited size (e.g., mini packs for landing gears) to your quotes directly from your desktop or ERP system. Plus, if you receive an RFQ for a part you recently quoted, you can answer it in 20 seconds with smart quote.

How soon can I get started?

We keep things as simple as possible. Most teams are up and running with Rotabull within a few days. For Quantum Control customers, it typically takes about 10 minutes of work to install and connect Rotabull, with a little help from an IT network administrator. After connecting your ERP, you will set up your online account and should be able to start quoting within about 72 hours.

The time needed for other ERP systems can vary from one company to another but doesn't take longer than a few weeks. In any case, your customer success manager is there to help you.

Do you offer training?

We've tried to build a modern, user-friendly experience that doesn't require training. After setting up your account, you should be able to sign in and start quoting right away. However, we're available if you have any questions, to walk through common processes, or to share best practices!

What are my subscription options?

We offer month-to-month subscriptions based on quoting volume, regardless of your team’s size. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Compare plans here.

Do you have a setup cost?

There is a one-time fee. Compare plans here.

What is the user limit?

Whether you are a team of one or a dozen, rest assured: we don't limit the number of concurrent users. Every user has an individual login, at no extra cost.

How does Rotabull secure my data?

Keeping your data safe and private is our highest priority, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Data is primarily stored in your existing ERP system, and we help you protect it in transit and at rest. We don't use your data for any purpose without your consent. Rotabull's infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which adheres to numerous security standards and compliance certifications, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171. Read more here.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we have iOS and Android apps. You can also use Rotabull in a browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on tablets.

How does licensing work?

Rotabull doesn't consume marketplace or ERP licenses.

Can you provide customer references?

The customers listed on our website are open to share their stories on how Rotabull has helped them to overcome pain points in their sales operations. You can contact them directly or read our case studies.

As a repair shop, can we still use Rotabull?

Yes. You can use Rotabull to list both your inventory and repair capabilities for exposure on multiple marketplaces, including The145. Like many of our customers, you can benefit from automation to keep your listings up-to-date and generate extra income with less effort.

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