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Turbocharge your aviation sales

Rotabull maximizes your conversion rates for aircraft parts sales, exchanges, and repair RFQs.

Track every RFQ from a single inbox.

One inbox, multiple marketplaces
Link directly to your ERP
Drive more RFQs
Work from anywhere
Fresh and accurate listings

Up-to-date listings drive more RFQs by keeping you on the first page of search results, and helping you maintain ILS AVP Platinum. Boost RFQs by 30% or more.

Eliminate spreadsheets

Rotabull works behind the scenes to update your inventory and capabilities directly from your ERP system. No messy Excel sheets required!

Clean up your data

Rotabull intelligently filters out duplicates (which can save money on listing fees), and cleans up missing values.

Flexible listings rules

Pick exactly what parts to list, whether they are organized by warehouse, lot, consignment, or any other way.

Repair capabilities

Are you a repair shop? No problem, you can list your capabilities alongside inventory.

One inbox for all marketplaces

See all your RFQs in one place--whether they came from ILS, Aeroxchange, PartsBase, or 10 other marketplaces.

Save 1-2 minutes per quote

No more double entry - Rotabull enters your quotes into Quantum or Pentagon for you.

The right part at the right price

See past quotes to make quick and informed pricing decisions.

Better teamwork than Outlook

Rotabull keeps things organized among team members - so no RFQ is forgotten or double-quoted.

Work from anywhere

Quote as easily from the airport as from the office. No VPN or remote desktop required.

Flip RFQs into orders in one click

Using autocompletion and ERP integration, Rotabull speeds up order processing time by 50%.

Simple and secure invoices

Close deals and collect payment faster.

Measure win rate

Know which customers close--and which don't--with granular win-rate data (coming soon).

Authorized partnerships

You can be confident in the coordinated support you will get, with integrations built in partnership with marketplace and ERP vendors.

Secure by design

Rotabull uses bank-grade security to handle your data, in transit and at rest.

Email protection

While the risk of phishing keeps increasing, Rotabull protects your business against malicious links and attachments in incoming emails.

Privacy as a feature

Your data belongs to you, and we take that commitment very seriously. Read more in our privacy policy.

No remote desktop required

Connecting by remote desktop is insecure, slow, and clunky. With Rotabull, anywhere you have a browser can be your office.

Get everyone involved

Communication is key with remote work. Assign deals to individual colleageus or team, and see a record of everyone who has worked on a deal.

Access documents from anywhere

Get quick access to certs, pictures, and other sales documents, even if you don't have access to your desktop... or the warehouse filing cabinet.

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"Rotabull has made a big and positive change in the way we work. Working with Rotabull helped us to decrease our time we needed to quote our customers."

"The integration with quantum works great too and it will make sure that everything will be administrated. It’s also great to have one place for all your RFQ’s from the different platforms such as ILS, AeroXchange, Eplane and stock market. Overall it’s a great system for every company to use if I may say 😊"

Tim Slotboom
Business Development Manager, AELS

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