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Track every RFQ from a single inbox

Are you still processing RFQs and sending out quotes, bogged down by manual data entry and constant switches between e.g. Quantum and Aeroxchange? It’s time to work smarter and close deals faster. Rotabull empowers teams of all sizes with one consolidated view of ERP systems and multiple marketplaces, so you and your colleagues can create, send, and track quotes, maximizing every opportunity – and every dollar.
Smart quote in 20 seconds

With Rotabull’s integration and autocompletion capability, you can turn any RFQ into a quote (with file attachments) in a matter of seconds.

Link directly to your ERP

Get the deal closed faster by easily managing your data across multiple platforms and immediately syncing it to your ERP.

Track your quotes

See how many times your quote was opened. Stay apprised of customer interest with quote tracking. 

Faster quotes, more deals

Send quotes at turbo speed

By syncing your listing to marketplaces with Rotabull, you can effortlessly manage all RFQs and create quotes in no time. Moreover, our drag-and-drop editor file upload allows you to easily access documents and send them out with your quotes with a few clicks. Combining all data from multiple sources finally gives you the whole picture on multiple deals in one inbox. 

Sync to your existing ERP

Rotabull works behind the scenes to ensure any update on your sales operations is passed back to your ERP automatically, keeping your records consistent and saving you hours in data entry.

Make informed decisions

From daily listing updates to smart quoting, everything is built to help you make efficient decisions through a real-time overview of your conversions.

Convert your prospects

Forget about following up each and every open quote at a time. With Rotabull, you can easily do it on multiple quotes at once without missing the right time to close a deal. Just select the deals that you want to follow-up on and edit your reply. From smart quoting to quote tracking, everything is built to help your sales flow smoothly.

Works wherever
you are

our mobile apps

Stay connected when working at home, on the go, or anywhere in between. You can use Rotabull in any browser to check your sales operations with ease.

The best part? A simple login allows you to access all your data, send out quotes, assign deals, or view your team’s overall activity. No VPN or remote desktop required.

The digital backbone for aircraft parts businesses

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Rotabull has made a big and positive change in the way we work. Working with Rotabull helped us to decrease our time we needed to quote our customers.

The integration with Quantum works great too and it will make sure that everything will be administrated. It’s also great to have one place for all your RFQ’s from the different platforms such as ILS, Aeroxchange, ePlane, and Stockmarket. Overall it’s a great system for every company to use if I may say 😊"

Tim Slotboom
Business Development Manager, 


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