Why use Rotabull?

Discover why large and small aviation sales teams
send tens of thousands of quotes in Rotabull every day

Modernize your sales process

Sending quotes is frustrating for most sales teams. You need to juggle multiple systems to find the right information, and end up wasting time when you could be making sales.

Rotabull changes this.

The easiest system to use

We bring everything into a single inbox so you can effortlessly manage all RFQs and generate quotes that fill themselves out.

This gives you one workflow from RFQ, quote, follow-up, invoice, to payment, that seamlessly into your day-to-day process.

How you will win more business

Rotabull lets your team go faster
by making sales hassle-free and enjoyable, and automating the repetitive parts.


We focus on getting sales teams to close high-value deals instead of wasting their time with repetitive, nitty-gritty stuff.


We turn sales into an enjoyable process, giving everyone the chance to do their best work.


We bring data, tools, and teams into one place, working seamlessly with your existing ERP systems and marketplaces.


We automate repetitive data entry and lookup, minimizing or even avoiding the need for human involvement.

Improving constantly

We ship new improvements multiple times a week, and are constantly listening to customers for how to speed up their sales.

... at every step of the way!

What our customers have to say

Rotabull has made a big and positive change in the way we work. Working with Rotabull helped us to decrease our time we needed to quote our customers.

Tim Slotboom
Business Development Manager, 


Everyone at Rotabull has been incredibly easy to work with, and all concerns are addressed immediately. I can’t say enough how much we love utilizing your services and how much it has impacted our business.

Jennifer Digman
Retail Parts Associate, 

Winner Aviation

It is so easy to use. It is very intuitive; With almost no training, I was able to use it from Day 1.

Bruce Miller
Director of Sales/Marketing, 

EMC Aerospace

If you want to work more efficiently, faster, and still answer all your customers on time, start using Rotabull.

Anita Bustin
Sales Manager, 

Rheinland Air service

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