Sales insights.
Big-picture view.

Easy insights at your fingertips

Understand your sales operation better by looking at the numbers.

Are we on course to hit our monthly targets?

What deals has each team member worked on?

Which parts are most in-demand, and which are most often no-quoted?

What is our average RFQ response time?

Real-time insight with visual dashboards

Our reports show you compact tables and beautiful charts that clearly show you how your sales operation is performing. Use Rotabull reporting to compare individual response times and conversion rates, and identify areas for improvement.

Make quicker decisions

Which marketplaces get you the most RFQs or which parts have the most demand? Get all your answers in one place with the detailed history in Reports. You can compare sales channels to quickly spot trends and act on them.

Keep everyone in the loop

You can easily share data across your organization by exporting reports. Choose a date range and what you want to see, and get a clean spreadsheet. All your data is yours.

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