Faster quotes.
More deals.


At top of the listings

Show your stock & repair listings at the top of the major marketplaces.

Integrate directly with your ERP

Sync ERP data (Quantum, Pentagon 2000, AvSight, or other ERPs) to marketplaces daily, no spreadsheets required.

Broadcast stock on marketplaces

Broadcast inventory and receive requests through 10+ platforms, including PartsBase, ePlane, The145, and ILS.

Control what is for sale

Filter out duplicates, clean up missing values, and exclude condition or consignment codes.


All RFQs in one inbox

Track all inbound RFQs — from marketplaces, phone, and email — and act in time to close the deal.

Single inbox for all marketplaces

Get visibility into dozens of incoming RFQs from all your sales channels without switching between systems.

One home for all teams

Let teams from across the world share the work from one system. Route deals intelligently with the right team.

Assign RFQs

Manually or automatically assign RFQs to teams; they receive them directly in their inbox.

Ignore RFQs

Set auto-archive rules that filter RFQs you don't want out of your inbox, saving time for your sales team.


Send quotes lightning fast

Send hassle-free quotes in a few clicks, with all the information to stay ahead of the competition.

Smart quote

Quote in 20 seconds by reusing recent quotes, batteries (and attachments) included!


Take it one step further, and let Rotabull use historical data to automatically respond to RFQs for in-stock parts.

Documents made easy

Browse and attach documentation from your ERP or from your desktop, wherever you are.

ERP quote insertion

Sync quotes and no-quotes into your ERP automatically, keeping records consistent and saving data entry hours.

Bulk no-quotes

Send professional, bulk no-quotes in a single click for out-of-stock parts.


Save frequently used notes as snippets and seamlessly reuse them in quotes or follow-ups.


Follow up & close the deal

Close more deals by using intelligent follow-up tools

Bulk follow-ups

Save time by prioritizing by value or customer, and then follow up on multiple quotes with one click.

Deal tracking

Follow the progress of a deal from RFQ to quote, follow-up, invoice, and payment in the timeline.

Track response times

Keep track of critical metrics like response time, enabling teams to continually improve and get more done.

Track quote opens

See when your quote is viewed, letting you engage with your customer at the right time.


Invoice & receive payments

Save time invoicing and chasing payments

Convert quotes into invoices

Generate invoices directly from your quote without entering all the information again.

QuickBooks Online

Connect to QuickBooks Online and keep all your accounting systems in sync.

Fast payouts

Skip the credit card authorization form and get money in your account in 2 business days or less.

Safe and secure

Send secure payment links instead of transferring sensitive card info by email, phone, or fax.

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