Connect the tools you use with Rotabull

Let automation bring agility and efficiency to your business

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You only need to work smarter. Rotabull seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use to make quoting simpler and faster. By constantly syncing data between your ERP system and marketplaces, you can receive RFQs, send quotes, and close deals all in one place. One consolidated view of what’s happening across all platforms empowers you and your team with confidence in doing business, knowing the combined data is accurate and always up-to-date.

Quantum Control, Pentagon 2000SQL

Keep your Quantum Control or Pentagon 2000SQL updated with data from one or more external sources.


If you don’t have an ERP or prefer to upload your own inventory and capabilities, we’ve got you covered! Our flexible API allows you to build a custom-fit integration to address all your needs.

Marketplaces and Listing Services integration

At any given moment, there can be dozens of incoming RFQs at once, spread across multiple marketplaces. Keeping up and providing a response in the right place at the right time is challenging. Not anymore. Through seamless integration with Aeroxchange, ePlane, ILS, and many others, Rotabull provides one consolidated view of what’s happening across all platforms. This way, you can speed up the quote response time and track the updates within a single inbox. With Rotabull, turning RFQs into closed deals has never been easier! 

Aeroxchange, ePlane, b2b-aero

Revolutionize your workflows by quoting without manually logging into the platform.

ILS, PartsBase, Stockmarket aero, AvSpares, The145, Locatory, ALI Corp, Partslogistics, SkySelect

Bring multiple marketplaces into a single inbox to accomplish more, faster.

Accounting integration:

Connect Rotabull to QuickBooks Online and save time with invoices that fill themselves out! Every time you send a quote, Rotabull auto-fills the fields with data pulled directly from your quote so you can easily create an invoice when a deal closes. Whenever this happens, the data will automatically sync and update in your accounting system.

QuickBooks Online

Keep your records consistent by syncing with QuickBooks Online to create invoices.