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Rotabull seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, making sales work simpler and faster. By constantly syncing data between your ERP system and marketplaces, you can receive RFQs, send quotes, and close deals all in one place.

ERP systems

Rotabull has a direct, 2-way integration with Quantum Control, AvSight and Pentagon 2000SQL. This lets you view your historical ERP data in Rotabull, and sync work back to your ERP as you work in Rotabull.

Marketplaces and Listing services

Through seamless integration with ILS, PartsBase, The145, and many others, Rotabull gives you one consolidated view of what's happening across all platforms.

Accounting systems

Rotabull connects to QuickBooks Online, saving you time by automatically creating QuickBooks invoices and marking them paid when you close a deal.


Even if you don't have an ERP system, or prefer to upload inventory and capabilities manually, we've got you covered! You can upload inventory from your browser or use our API to build an integration that fits your needs.

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