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Dana Serikov
May 1, 2020
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b2b-aero (OneAero MRO)

b2b-aero is the aviation industry's marketplace dedicated to serving the repair market. The system addresses anything and everything relative to component repair, repair status tracking, equipment calibration, repair intelligence data, advertising, repair support services and many more.

b2b-aero is a marketplace that lets you list inventory and repair capabilities, as well as search for vendors who can supply various parts. Rotabull supports the following integrations with b2b-aero:

  • Listing: listing available parts and/or capabilities on b2b-aero
  • RFQs: receiving RFQs from interested buyers on b2b-aero into Rotabull
  • Quotes: sending quotes to interested buyers from Rotabull back to b2b-aero

b2b-aero is free for sellers to list inventory, receive RFQs, and send quotes via Rotabull. Listing repair capabilities and receiving RFQs/sending quotes for repair and overhaul services requires a paid subscription. Discounts are available for customers referred through Rotabull.

Want to improve your listings on b2b-aero (and other marketplaces)? We developed a tool to analyze your actual performance on main listing services (ILS, Partsbase, Locatory, Stockmarket, etc.). Use our tool to receive our suggestions to improve your listing. Success guaranteed.

Refer to this post to learn more about marketplaces and how they differ.

Learn more about the Rotabull x b2b-aero integration and how it can work for you. Schedule a demo.

Dana Serikov
May 1, 2020