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Ben Frank
Feb 2, 2021
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Product Updates

As we kick off the new year, we've got updates you don’t want to miss! Inspired by our customers, we are continuously developing new features so you can enjoy its benefits as they are ready to be used.

You may have noticed new and improved capabilities in Rotabull in the last weeks - flexibility in your sales data export, refined deal-making sidebar, and more. In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered. Here are the three new features you can start using right away to keep improving your workflows in the new year with Rotabull.

Data export: define the report date range

Do you want to know how many RFQs your sales team received in the last month? It's simple: specify the date range and select the report type to get the results. In addition to key insights, you can easily export data into a CSV file to share with your team members and update your management dashboards.

Invoicing: edit and resend an invoice

Caught a mistake on an invoice that you have just sent over to a customer? No worries. Rotabull now lets you edit your invoices to correct the billing information or change the due date with ease. Once you complete the changes, simply click on the Send Invoice button and relax.

Rotabull: explore the improved navigation sidebar

Your navigation sidebar in Rotabull has a fresh look! It’s always been easy to see the core deal view up close. Now, the improved design makes the experience even better, where you can jump between the stages of a deal - RFQ, Quote, Invoice, and Payment, - whenever you need to.

As always, new features come from your valuable feedback. So, after giving these a whirl, keep the requests coming! Drop us an email at

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Ben Frank
Feb 2, 2021