How to sell parts automatically without an e-commerce store?

Brendan Shannon
Jun 29, 2021
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Manage the other 80% of your time by combining Autoquote and Order Now

“We are spending most of our time quoting only 10% of our revenue” is something we hear more and more from suppliers. “We don’t have time to follow up on all our quotes, or we can barely answer all incoming RFQs.”

The Pareto principle says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. 

But what about the other 80% of your efforts that only yield 20% of your results? 

Because sales teams spend most of their day switching between multiple systems, gathering data, building quotes in an ERP, and sending quotes out through email, they don’t always have time to get to the most critical tasks. 

By automating RFQ responses for low-value requests that take up most of your team’s day, you get back time and freedom to send more quotes, follow up on more quotes, focus on high-value deals, and hunt for new business opportunities.

You can put together two easy pieces in Rotabull to unlock this: Autoquote and Order Now

Autoquote: Autoquote responds to RFQs when they hit your inbox, with pricing, trace/tag, and documentation attached. Your quotes are also synced to your ERP automatically. 

Order Now: Adding an Order Now button on those quotes, buyers can securely purchase the part directly from the quote without a needless phone tag for something that costs $100.

Combining these two things, sales teams can get a quote in front of buyers the moment the RFQ is received, with a link to purchase the part directly from the quote. 

Why should you need ten emails back-and-forth for a $100 order?

By giving buyers a way to purchase a part moments after they send out an RFQ, your sales team can watch sales roll in without having to worry about the admin work that goes into the process. 

All data is synced to your ERP system to capture sales and demand, and your team stays focused on closing those high-value deals that require that human element. 

Are you interested in how you can sell your low-value inventory without the needless back-and-forth? Then, let’s find a time to speak!

Please show me how I can do this, too.

Brendan Shannon
Jun 29, 2021