"Order Now" buttons

Patrick Morcus
May 25, 2021
min read
Product Updates

Add an "Order Now" button to any quote, and let the buyer accept the quote and finish the purchase on their own.

We're excited to begin rolling out "Order Now" buttons in Rotabull. You can now add an "Order Now" button to any quote you'd like. If your customer is happy with the quote, they can submit an order and pay the invoice, all on their own.

Order Now can save hours off the time to purchase, increase your conversion in time-sensitive scenarios, and free up your sales team to focus on higher-value deals.

You can set global or per-quote options like the minimum order value that a customer can purchase through "Order Now," or the quote's expiration date.

There is no complicated e-commerce integration needed and no extra fees. Rotabull gets out the way and let the buyer close the deal themselves.

Over the next few months, we'll be expanding support for order now to cover more scenarios and more types of transactions.

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Patrick Morcus
May 25, 2021