Patrick Morcus
Apr 1, 2021
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Product Updates

Join the sellers who have already send thousands of quotes today without touching a computer.

How does it work?

You know the drill. Processing RFQs is repetitive. It's easy to find yourself in a constant state of answering requests for cheap parts, instead of focusing on larger opportunities. Stitching together a compelling quote (the right price, valid certificates, etc.) takes real time.

So, maybe you end up sending no response, or a no-quote. In the long run, these are lost sales opportunities. To escape this tradeoff, we built a new way to handle early stages of a sale with autoquoting! Just add a rule letting Rotabull know which in-stock parts to autoquote, and let us do the work for you.

Autoquote, just like Smart Quote, uses your historical data (in both Rotabull and your ERP system) to save you time. Whenever you receive an RFQ for a part quoted in the past 90 days, Rotabull looks at past pricing for the part and condition code, and uses those to prepare a quote for your potential customer.

Rotabull also retrieves the documents you sent the last time and attaches them automatically to your new quote. These quotes appear in your sent inbox just like any others, so you can follow up on them the same way.

Have a look at how to create an autoquote rule for parts with ERP-linked stock in Rotabull.

You can easily set how you would like customers to respond to your your autoquotes.

Setting the right limits

To keep up with the ever-changing aircraft parts market, you can set flexible limits around what types of parts should or shouldn't be quoted automatically. For example, if Rotabull comes across parts that exceed the maximum unit price you set, we'll leave those for you to handle yourself!

In the video below, see what happens when you add an RFQ with automation rules.

Rotabull powers sales teams of all sizes by freeing their time from repetitive and time-consuming parts of sales, opening up more revenue opportunities.

If you haven’t seen Rotabull in action yet, get a demo! We think you won't want to go back once you see this.

Patrick Morcus
Apr 1, 2021