Clock running out? Here's how you get ahead!

Patrick Morcus
Mar 9, 2021
min read

There is nothing more exciting than the beginning of the new NFL season when you gather around with your friends and cheer for your favorite team. But all can be ruined by a last-minute RFQ you can’t ignore. If you have longed for the day when you could have both, rejoice. With Rotabull’s mobile app, you can now access your inbox and keep the deals rolling anytime from the comfort of your couch.

Rotabull Mobile App has arrived!

So far, you have always been able to access Rotabull from any web browser and use it with ease. However, whether working at the office or from home, there are times when you move out of your workspace or times when it is not handy to open your laptop to perform quick tasks.

That is why we have spent the past few months developing a mobile app so you can use Rotabull on the go just as quickly as you do at your desk. Besides, can you think of a better way to stay on top of your business than turning to the one device you have with you at all times?

Speedy quotes on the go

We know how important it is to provide a timely response to an RFQ the second it hits your inbox. With the newly released app for Android and iOS, you have Rotabull in your pocket to be agile in meeting your customers’ or colleagues’ needs.

Now, you no longer have to wait to get back to your desk to manage RFQs, send quotes, and collaborate with your colleagues on getting things done. With a single tap, you can do that and more anytime, anywhere. Here is a round-up of the main features (soon) available within the app:

Single inbox for all your RFQs Rotabull syncs to multiple marketplaces, email boxes and brings all RFQs into a single inbox on your mobile.
Smart Quote Create a quote with a single click.
Drafts You can save a draft quote and finish it later or share it with a colleague.
Send follow up emails You can send a follow-up email on one or multiple quotes with just one click.
Prioritize quote follow-up based on # times it has been opened Save time and follow-up on more than one quote at once by selecting which ones you want to do so from the list. A bonus, you can easily prioritize these by quote value.
Snippets Use Rotabull's snippet feature to add the most often used text to your quotes or follow-up emails.
Assign RFQs Assign RFQs or deals to the right person on your team.
Up-to-date data All you do in the mobile app is synced across all systems and devices, so you can resume your work on the computer at any time, having access to even more features.

The mobile app is free for Rotabull users and available for download on Google Play and App Store. Get it now, and help your team score a touchdown!

Patrick Morcus
Mar 9, 2021