Winner Aviation

Winner Aviation boosts business growth during COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout its 7-decade history, Winner Aviation has stood out as a company providing cutting-edge services to the aviation industry, powered by technology and a human touch. The company operates a full-service MRO at Youngstown - Warren Regional Airport in Vienna, Ohio. Their line service ranges from ground handling to aircraft maintenance and hard-to-find parts to meet their customers' day-to-day needs.

As a world-renowned aircraft parts distributor, Winner Aviation relies on fast quotes for their customers' desired parts. This case study shows how the ERP system used by Winner Aviation was slowing down their business potential and how timely interference has facilitated the continued growth of the company.

The challenge:

Workflow inefficiencies

Although doing their best in responding to RFQs fast, the Parts Department soon realized that manual data entry required by CORRIDOR, the software tool used to quote, was slowing them down. According to Jennifer Digman, Retail Parts Associate at Winner Aviation, it was frustrating having to manually build new customers in CORRIDOR before they could even quote them. This time-consuming quoting process became more unproductive as the number of requests increased.

Winner Aviation is a world-renowned aircraft parts distributor

The solution:

Hassle-free and fast quoting process

Winner Aviation needed a solution that was going to solve two major challenges. The first was the effort it took to manage RFQs and generate quotes for aircraft parts in stock. The second was the average sales cycle length due to antiquated workflows. When introduced to Rotabull in June 2020, they realized there was a way to achieve maximum productivity. So, they did their due diligence without any hesitation.

Rotabull has given Winner Aviation’s team everything they need to simplify their quoting process and speed-up the response time to close deals faster. As sales associates, the team is particularly thrilled about the smart quoting feature that allows them to save time by reusing past quotes for fast-moving parts with just one click.

They were also amazed at Rotabull’s intuitive user experience and how quickly they could use it in their sales operations.

Automation enabled the Winner Aviation team to increase productivity amid the pandemic

"I started to use Rotabull three days before Sarah Hensh-Hull joined Winner Aviation. I was not only able to learn for myself but also train her. Sarah started quoting customers on her second day of employment here," tells Jennifer Digman.

Everyone at Rotabull has been incredibly easy to work with and all concerns are addressed immediately. I can’t say enough how much we love utilizing your services and how much it has impacted our business.
Jennifer Digman
Retail Parts Associate, Winner Aviation

The results:

40% increase in daily quotes per user

Thanks to Rotabull, the Winner Aviation team’s entire process of receiving RFQs and sending out quotes went from a time-consuming to a hassle-free task. By bringing automation to the sales operations, their team increased their productivity. The average number of daily quotes has increased by 40%. Now, they send out ~140 quotes per day, shortening the sales cycle of aircraft parts in stock.

In addition to saving a ton of time to focus on their customers, the Winner Aviation team also benefits from Rotabull’s reporting capabilities to improve their performance. “To get the same information, we used to have to increase our very manual process. Now, automation assists us so greatly in generating information from reports that we were rather astounded”, highlights Sarah Hensh-Hull, Retail Parts Associate at Winner Aviation. If you are considering Rotabull to boost your sales operations, her advice is: “Run, don’t walk!”