Deals and Audit Trail

Andrea Cuvellier
Mar 3, 2020
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Product Updates

Here are just a few of the new things in Rotabull: deals, manual RFQ entry, user and role management, and audit trails!

With the new year comes a new set of Rotabull updates! Here are just a few of the new things so far:

  1. Deals and manual RFQ entry
  2. User and role management
  3. Audit Trail


RFQs and quotes are now linked into Deals. Deals allow you to group related communication, and keep track of RFQs as they move through your sales pipeline.

As part of this change, you will see updated sidebar and navigation bar designs. Most deal-related actions have moved the sidebar. The new sidebar also shows the deal stage, and an "About this deal" section, summarizing buyer and transaction-level information.

The new Archived sections encompasses all inactive deals, whether no-quoted or ignored.

Beyond that, you can now manually enter phone RFQs into Rotabull. Just try clicking Create new deal in the sidebar.

These changes--along with follow-ups--gear up Rotabull to supercharge more sales work beyond quoting.

Users and roles

We have also made it easier to work together as a team in Rotabull. In addition to Team Inboxes and Auto-Routing Rules, you can add / remove / edit users from the settings page as well as manage access levels.

  • Individual members can view settings relevant to them, and manage deals assigned to them or teams they are on.  
  • Admins can manage all settings, add / remove / edit other users, and see all deals.

Audit trail

The new audit trail shows you the detailed history of every deal, including when it was received, opened, assigned, archived, quoted, or synced to your ERP. It also shows you which of your teammates are interacting with the deal, so you can stay in sync.

We are excited for what's in store for 2020, we hope you are too! Let us know your thoughts. Drop us a line at

Andrea Cuvellier
Mar 3, 2020