We've been hard at work adding your most requested feature enhancements. All the latest changes are listed below:

  • Send quote emails from a custom branded domain - You can now send your quotes out of Rotabull using your own company-branded email address! Please contact success@rotabull.com for more information.  

  • Don't want to miss an RFQ? Enable email notifications when new RFQs are received. You can find this under "Notifications" in Settings. This feature is enabled on an individual user level.

  • Redesign of RFQ response page - We moved the stockline selector button to the beginning of the response form. As a result, more fields on the quote will auto-populate when you select a stockline!

  • We also moved the "No Quote" button to the left to make it less likely you will accidentally click it. The "More" button gives you the option to ignore the RFQ or assign it to another team member from inside the response page.

  • The past quote price history pop-up now shows customer name. This gives you a more complete picture of your past quotes for a specific part.

Teams Updates

Using Rotabull Teams? We made some enhancements here as well!

  • You can now add automatic routing rules and change order/prioritization of rules.
Add a rule using ILS flag codes or other parts master fields. More rules coming soon!
Select an ILS flag code, and then the team inbox you want to receive the RFQ.
Changing the order of the rules will prioritize an RFQ with multiple requests.

  • Different teams and users each now have their own color in your inbox. This will make it easier to tell teams apart at a glance.

  • Save your default inbox - If you have access to multiple Rotabull inboxes, you can now set one as your default inbox. Simply click the star icon next to that inbox.

Questions? Comments? Email success@rotabull.com.