Dana Serikov
Jan 18, 2022
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We had the pleasure of getting to know AELS and Gerben Groothuis a bit more! Read below.

Tell us a bit about your business. What’s your specialty? Where are you located? How long have you been in business?

AELS offers USM components from its own airframe disassemblies, both in SV and AR conditions. We operate from a former military airbase in The Netherlands where we have a 2 mile runway right at our doorstep to welcome narrow- and widebodies. We’ve been operational since 2006 and have processed more than 100 aircraft since. Today, our specialties are Airbus and Boeing components that we sell to the global aviation aftermarket industry.

What are some of your favorite Rotabull features and why?

We especially love the ease-of-use of the Rotabull application. Our salesteam uses it all day long to quickly respond to our client base. The fact that it is connected to our Quantum ERP system, both in and out, makes it super simple to respond to RFQs. One feature that’s quite helpful is Smart Quote as it gives a quick price reference, at your fingertips.

How has Rotabull improved your sales process?

Rotabull has significantly improved our sales process, we save significant amounts of time in responding to our clients. Rather than quoting via the different marketplaces, Rotabull allows us to communicate with the market from one simple and straightforward location.

Anything else you’d like to add? Favorite aviation theme song? Vacation destination? Window or aisle?

With COVID still creating havoc in our industry, one might almost forget that it’s flying and traveling to other countries and cultures that we’re all so fond of. Right now I wouldn’t mind window or aisle, I almost wouldn’t mind where I’m going. As for aviation related music, rather than giving away the title, here’s the first verse: Revvin' up your engine - Listen to her howlin' roar - Metal under tension - Beggin' you to touch and go. I know it’s too easy. ;)

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Dana Serikov
Jan 18, 2022