b2b-aero.com + Rotabull

Brendan Shannon
Jun 16, 2020
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Good news! b2b-aero.com and Rotabull work together to get you more RFQs and reduce manual data entry.

b2b-aero.com and Rotabull are excited to announce a partnership that aims to give suppliers and MROs a larger audience of buyers for their inventory and repair capabilities while creating a more streamlined experience directly from their ERP systems, removing tedious data entry during the sales process.

b2b-aero.com recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, being one of the oldest marketplace platforms in the aviation industry. Internationally known for its repair order management, monitoring, tracking and reporting MRO-Tracker EDI interface, b2b-aero.com has been helping over 3,000 Airlines, MROs and Repair Centers to move into the digital era and improve their repair supply chain for twenty years now, converting its technology into a unique “industry standard system”. Over the years, b2b-aero.com launched and consolidated new products and services to become a referent in the MRO market. Its marketplace now lists more than 5 million repair capabilities and 3 billion parts for sale.

Rotabull is a next-generation aviation sales platform powering sales operations for leading suppliers and shops around the world. It increases suppliers’ and repair shops’ RFQ volume and sales and removes time-wasting data entry when sending quotes and populating an ERP. By updating inventory on listing services daily, companies can increase their standings in search results, thus generating more RFQs. Rotabull’s sales inbox lets salespeople view RFQs from all sources in one screen and send quotes in a matter of seconds, saving them hours a week in data entry. Founded in 2018, Rotabull has quickly grown to support suppliers’ around the world and make a lasting improvement to the way parts are sold.

By using b2b-aero.com and Rotabull together, users can update their inventory and capability listings daily for an audience of over 40,000 buyers, ensuring high rankings, increased visibility and quality RFQs. The whole process is completely automated, giving users an easy, centralized quoting experience from a single interface, integrated with their ERP system (Quantum/Pentagon), without sacrificing the personal touch that buyers appreciate.

Companies that use referrals from either b2b-aero.com or Rotabull will be able to receive discounts on the other service. For more information, please contact Tiffany Da Silva at tdasilva@b2b-aero.com and Ben Frank at ben@rotabull.com.

Brendan Shannon
Jun 16, 2020