At Rotabull we want you to succeed and achieve more! That’s why we are continuously working on improving our software and constantly releasing new features to enhance your quoting process for easier and faster sales and higher conversion rates. Check below some of our customer’s favorite features.

Single inbox for all your RFQs

Rotabull syncs to multiple marketplaces and brings all RFQs into a single inbox. This also includes RFQs entered manually or received via email. You can sort them out by requester, date, priority, and favorite customer. No matter the location, you and your colleagues will be able to work out of the inbox to manage requests, create quotes, and issue invoices in no time. And when you send a quote, Rotabull won’t let another member of your team accidentally double-quote the same RFQ.

Speedy quotes

With Rotabull’s integration and autocompletion capabilities, you can turn any RFQ into a quote in just a few clicks. You can also save time by reusing past quotes for frequently requested parts with Smart Quote.

No quotes

Following up on requests for non-stock items has never been easier. With one click, select multiple RFQs and send a no-quote message at once.


Sometimes you can't finish a quote in one go - due to an incoming call or some other urgent task. With Rotabull, you don’t need to worry; you can save a draft quote and finish it later or share it with a colleague.


Use Rotabull’s snippet feature to add the most often used text to your quotes.

Bulk follow-ups

Save time and follow-up on more than one quote at once by selecting which ones you want to do so from the list. A bonus, you can easily prioritize these by quote value.


Any existing files (e.g., images, certificates) in your ERP system are automatically attached to your quotes. You can also use our drag and drop editor to attach new ones quickly. This way, you can ensure that your customers have all the information they need to decide. 

Remote Work
Works wherever you are

Stay connected when working at home, on the go, or everywhere in between. You only need access to a browser to check your sales operations with ease. No VPN or remote desktop connection is required.

Access to your documents

With one simple login, you can easily access certificates, pictures, and other sales documents without accessing your own computer (or the warehouse filing cabinet).


With Zapier, you can connect Rotabull to a thousand other apps, such as your CRM, your account system, Slack, and many others. This way, you keep everything connected and don’t miss a thing!

Mobile App

Use Rotabull’s mobile app to check the inbox and give a prompt response to RFQs or follow-up on quotes from your phone while on the go. No matter where you are, you’ll always stay on top of your business.

Team Collaboration
Great teamwork

Rotabull keeps things organized among team members. They can communicate, share information and keep track of every deal, ensuring no RFQ is forgotten or double-quoted.

Routing rules

Auto-assign RFQs and deals to the right person on your team. They will receive it directly in their inbox, along with a notification whenever there is an assignment.

Archive rules

Create auto-archive rules to send RFQs from specific companies or countries that you prefer not to do business directly to archived.

Mobile App

Use Rotabull’s mobile app to check the inbox and give a prompt response to RFQs or follow-up on quotes from your phone while on the go. No matter where you are, you’ll always stay on top of your business.

Deal Tracking

You can check the stage of your deal in the timeline at any time: from RFQ to Quote, Follow-up, Invoice, etc.

Audit trail

Rotabull gives you access to a detailed history of every deal. It not only shows you when an RFQ was received, opened, assigned, archived, quoted, or synced to your ERP, but also which of your teammates are interacting with the deal or when the buyer sees your invoice.


With Rotabull, you can track every aspect of your performance, for example, which aircraft part is most quoted, or where the most RFQs come from. By selecting the report type and specifying the date range, you get all the information you need to take action and improve your results.

Invoices & Payments
Invoicing & accounting

Connect Rotabull to QuickBooks Online and save time with invoices that fill themselves out. By generating invoices with data pulled directly from your quote, you no longer need to enter all the information regarding the customer and the part again. 

Payment processing

Eliminate unnecessary stress and delays in closing your deals by using Rotabull to request payments and process credit card transactions faster. Once a customer pays an invoice, share his receipt via a link. 


Rotabull works behind the scenes to ensure that any update on your sales operations is passed back to your ERP automatically, keeping your records consistent and saving you hours in data entry.

Connecting your ERP systems to different marketplaces

Rotabull fully supports any team using Quantum Control or Pentagon 2000SQL to broadcast their inventory and receive requests through 10+ platforms, including Aeroxchange, ePlane, The145, SkySelect, and others.

Up-to-date listings

We ensure that your listings are accurate and match your inventory and capabilities, increasing your visibility and keeping you on the first page of search results. Our software also filters out duplicates and cleans up missing values, saving you money on listing fees.

Build your own custom integration

We integrate with some of the most common applications and give you the option to build a custom-fit integration system (e.g., ERP system or accounting system) with our public API.

Authorized partnerships

You can be confident in the coordinated support you will get, with integrations built in partnership with the marketplace and ERP vendors.

Secure by design

Rotabull uses bank-grade security to handle your data in transit and at rest.

Email protection

Rotabull protects your business against malicious links and attachments in incoming emails, reducing the risk of phishing.


We ensure that your data is protected. Read more in our Privacy Policy.