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Aviation Events

Events, Trade Shows, and Conferences in 2020-2021

Anaheim, Dubai, Cartagena, Singapore, Dublin, Barcelona, and most recently… your home office.

All across the globe, aviation events can be attended from conferences, trade shows, regulatory meetings, MRO and everything in between. They can range from a few hundred attendees to upwards of 25,000. There’s something for everyone. But with such an array of options, it can be difficult to make sure you are in the know about all the right events for you.

Below you will find many of the aviation events out there and details to help guide you to the right ones for you. There are many other events outside this list, so make sure to do your own research as well. Let’s get into it!

Aviation Events 2020
Aero Engines Europe
Engine MRO 9/16/20–9/17/20 Virtual
Aero Engines Asia Pacific
Engine MRO 9/22/20–9/24/20 Virtual
MRO Asia Pacific
MRO 9/22/20–9/24/20 Virtual
World Aviation Festival 2020
Airlines 9/23/20–9/25/20 Virtual
ATAG Global Sustainable Aviation Forum
Sustainability 9/29/20–9/30/20 Virtual
MRO 10/3/20–10/5/20 Edinburgh, Scotland
Airlines 2050
Airlines 10/19/20–10/19/20 London, UK
Takeoff North America
Airlines 10/26/20–10/27/20 Denver, CO
MRO TransAtlantic
MRO 10/27/20–10/29/20 Virtual
Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Europe
Engine Management 11/10/20–11/11/20 London, UK
Aviation Festivals America 2020
Airlines 11/10/20–11/11/20 Virtual
Military Logistics & Maintenance Symposium
Military 11/17/20–11/18/20 Virtual
Routes Reconnected
Airlines 11/30/20–12/4/20 Virtual & Amsterdam
Aerospace Big Data EMEA
Data December 2020–December 2020 London, UK
CCMA & MRO Conference
MRO 12/6/20–12/8/20 Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Aviation Events 2021
Aero Engines Americas
Engine MRO 1/26/21–1/27/21 Dallas, TX
Routes Americas 2021
Airlines 2/9/21–2/11/21 Bogota, Columbia
MRO Middle East
MRO 3/2/21–3/3/21 Dubai, UAE
PB Expo
MRO 3/5/21–3/6/21 Miami, FL
MRO Australasia
MRO 3/10/21–3/12/21 Brisbane, Australia
MRO 3/11/21–3/13/21 Bangkok, Thailand
Dublin Aviation Summit
Sustainability 3/11/21–3/12/21 Ballsbridge, Ireland
AEA Dallas
MRO 3/14/21–3/18/21 Dallas, TX
HAI Heli-Expo
MRO 3/22/21–3/25/21 New Orleans, LA
European Regional Airline Association Conference
Airlines 3/24/21–3/25/21 Malta
MRO 4/13/21–4/15/21 Shanghai, China
MRO Americas
MRO 4/27/21–4/29/21 Orlando, FL
MRO Latin America
MRO 4/27/21–4/29/21 Orlando, FL
MRO Europe
MRO 5/10/21–5/12/21 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Routes Europe 2021
Airlines 5/10/21–5/12/21 Bergen, Norway
MRO 5/18/21–5/20 Geneva, Switzerland
Routes Asian 2021
Airlines 6/2/21–6/4/21 Chiang Mai, Thailand
QUE Group
CAMP 6/14/21–6/19/21 San Diego, CA
Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Technology 6/16/21–6/18/21 Shanghai, China
Paris Airshow
Air Show 6/21/21–6/27/21 Paris, FR
Aviation Festivals Asia 2020
Airlines 6/22/21–6/23/21 Singapore
World Routes 2021
Airlines 9/5/21–9/7/21 Milan, Italy
MRO 9/11/21–9/14/21 Atlanta, GA
Regional Airline Association Annual Convention
Airlines 9/25/21–9/28/21 Phoenix, AZ
MRO 10/12/21–10/14/21 Las Vegas, NV
Dubai Airshow
Air Show 11/14/21–11/18/21 Dubai, UAE
Singapore Airshow
Air Show 2/15/22–2/20/22 Singapore
Farnborough International Airshow
Air Show 7/18/22–7/22/22 Fanborough, UK
CAPA Airline CEOs in Amsterdam
Airlines TBA Amsterdam, Netherlands
MRO TBA 2021 Istanbul, TR
CAPA Latin America Aviation & LCCs Summit
Sustainability TBA 2021 Salvador, Brazil
IATA Safety and Flight Ops Conference
Safety TBA 2021 TBA
Air Convention Europe
Industry TBA 2021 Vilinus, Lithuania
Air Convention Asia
Industry TBA 2021 Bangkok, Thailand
Aerospace Big Data - APAC
Data TBA 2021 Bangkok, Thailand
Aerospace Big Data Americas
Data TBA 2021 Seattle, WA
The 8th China Aviation New Technology Forum
Technology TBA 2021 Shenzhen. China