Why are more industry leaders choosing Rotabull?

Dana Serikov
Jul 21, 2022
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Every team seems to use Rotabull in a slightly different way, but all report improved productivity and efficiency.

Rotabull is full of features that make selling parts and repair services easier and more efficient: automatic quoting, listings updates, RFQ assignment, and syncing data to your ERP just to name a few. Rotabull performs all kinds of tasks for all kinds of shops and suppliers around the world. 

But what are some specific ways current users benefit? 

We analyzed how Rotabull is used by some of our most successful and active customers. 


By auto-quoting hundreds of RFQs each day, auto-ignoring companies that waste time and capturing all their data into their ERP automatically, AvAir saves their sales team over 30 hours of data entry every single day, helping them retain their spot as Airline Economics’ No.1 Part Supplier of the Year for the second year in a row.


More than 10 business units across the globe power their repair teams with streamlined quoting and follow ups by having all marketplace and direct email RFQs in front of them at all times. With every RFQ automatically assigned to a rep, teams are able to spend more time selling and less time on data entry. 

Winner Aviation 

With a need to see their direct email RFQs alongside their marketplace RFQs, Winner Aviation uses Rotabull to view all their RFQs together. Having all their data in one place lets them get quotes to their customers faster, shorten the sales cycle and get accurate data reporting in real time.


By using Rotabull, SetAero was able to reduce their time-to-quote by 50%, enabling them to focus more on quote-to-sale conversions, which improved by 25%. As a result, they managed to grow their sales during COVID-19.

Seattle Aviation

Following up isn’t the easiest, especially when you have to sort through quotes one-by-one. When other companies are too busy to send follow ups, Seattle Aviation is able to send thousands of follow up emails to make sure their customers are getting the best support. This helps to keep them front and center with customers and close more deals in less time.


Every team uses Rotabull in a slightly different way, but they all report improved productivity and efficiency. If you’re interested in seeing how much time you can save by using Rotabull, check out our Time Savings Calculator

Dana Serikov
Jul 21, 2022