Split RFQs

Patrick Morcus
Nov 12, 2021
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Product Updates

So you have an incoming RFQ with multiple lines, and you can not quote them all right now. Now you can split the RFQ per line into multiple RFQs, which will enable you to send your quote for those lines you can quote already.

How does it work?

In cases when you're ready to quote some but not all requested parts -- split it and quote it separately.

Split RFQs per line in Rotabull

In cases when your teammate or another team within your organization is responsible for quoting some of the requested parts -- split it.

In cases when some of the requested parts can be purchased instantly, send an Order Now quote followed by a regular one.

And if you need to split the RFQ to quote from different locations and using different signatures -- split it then too!

Rotabull frees up sales teams' time by eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming parts of their day-to-day work.

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We think you won't want to go back once you see this.

Patrick Morcus
Nov 12, 2021