Smart quote, deal fields and block lists

Ben Frank
Aug 17, 2020
min read
Product Updates

Quote fast-moving parts more easily than ever, handle more complex deals, and auto-archive deals you don't want to handle.

In preparation for larger enhancements coming soon, we're delivering some of the most requested core quoting features in Rotabull:

  1. Smart quote: a lightning-fast way to reuse recent quotes
  2. Advanced deal fields: handle more complex quotes with advanced fields
  3. Block list: auto-archive rules for RFQs to make them skip your inbox
  4. A whole list of other improvements (scroll down for the details)

Here is a little more info on each of these:

Quote faster with Smart Quote

When you get multiple RFQs for the same item, save time by quoting just once! Smart quote lets you reuse a past quote with a single click.

Smart quote simplifies quotes for fast-moving parts that are quoted often.

Send more complex quotes

We've added a whole new set of fields to the quoting flow to allow for more complex deals, including:

  • Exchange-specific fields: core value, exchange type, etc.
  • Warranties
  • Line-item-level attachments (in addition to quote attachments)
  • Part descriptions
  • Drag-and-drop attachments

To use these and other new features, opt in to the beta inbox design at the top of any quote.

Set up RFQ block rules

Keep your inbox tidy with auto-archive rules that let you control which deals hit your team inbox, and which go directly to Archived.

Set granular rules by company, or by country.

Other recent improvements

  1. You can now administer your ILS, PartsBase, and Aeroxchange integrations from settings.
  2. The self-serve interface for custom listing rules now lets you list parts / capabilities based on 10+ new attributes.
  3. New public API endpoints for ignoring deals.
  4. Quotes and follow-ups are sent using a new email template.
  5. Stockline picker now shows all stocklines by default, regardless of condition code.
  6. Better notifications when Aeroxchange integration is not syncing properly.
  7. Many more fields in the RFQ and quote reports.
  8. More tag/trace/cert fields are now synced to Quantum with quotes.
  9. There are more options for line item type in exchange transactions to sync to Pentagon with quotes.

Stay healthy and happy quoting!

Ben Frank
Aug 17, 2020