Save inbox views and export quotes as PDFs

Brendan Shannon
Jul 13, 2023
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Product Updates

Here's what's new in Rotabull in July! Save Inbox Views so you can swap back and forth between views for a more efficient inbox. Pick a flavor: PDF or CSV. Now you can download your quotes however you'd like. Make life easier for your customer by showing them the line item totals when receiving a quote.

Here’s what’s new in Rotabull as of July 2023

Export quotes as CSVs or PDFs

Want to get a copy of a quote without finalizing and sending it? We’ve added Export functionality that lets you get either a PDF or spreadsheet as you’re filling out a quote. It works after a quote has been sent as well, allowing you to easily move your data for whatever purpose you’d like:

Inbox Views

Filters can be valuable in helping you to sort through endless pages of RFQs, but until now, they disappear as soon as you navigate away. With Inbox Views, you can name and save your current Filters so they’ll be accessible any time. Build inboxes for high-value customers, see everything assigned to multiple teams at once, and much more.

Line Item Totals

We now offer the option to include Line Total on quotes that are sent. You can enable this feature in your Settings, under the Quoting section:

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Brendan Shannon
Jul 13, 2023