Rotabull is now integrated with SkySelect

Dana Serikov
May 4, 2023
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Rotabull + SkySelect

As of earlier this year, Rotabull has added support for yet another marketplace integration – SkySelect. Rotabull customers can now automatically list their inventory to SkySelect, receive RFQs, and send quotes directly out of Rotabull’s easy-to-use inbox. 

Your listings can be automatically updated daily, saving you from tedious and time-consuming spreadsheets. Quotes sent from Rotabull are reflected in SkySelect instantly,  again saving you valuable time and helping you win more sales. 

With the addition of SkySelect, Rotabull fully supports most major marketplaces, making it a one-stop-shop for many part sellers and repair stations.  

All RFQs in one easy-to-use inbox


About Rotabull  

Rotabull builds systems that make selling aircraft parts and repairs 10x easier by making inventory easily accessible. Rotabull simplifies the mechanics of quoting and closing deals, letting sales teams focus on sales instead of data entry.

Dana Serikov
May 4, 2023