Prioritize RFQs by value

Patrick Morcus
Aug 20, 2021
min read
Product Updates

Which RFQ should you pick up and quote first? Start with AOGs? Or with your best customers? Now you can see an estimated RFQ value to help you prioritize.

Every time you open up your Inbox, it is probably overwhelmed with RFQs, and the question arises: "where do I start?" How about focusing on your 'big deals' first?

See estimated RFQ value in your inbox.

Now you can immediately see the estimated RFQ value in your inbox. Chose the RFQ you want and take action on it immediately.

We calculate this value using median pricing for quotes over the past 90 days, excluding no quotes, quotes from other currencies, $0 quotes, and autoquotes.

At the beginning, you may see a "-" on some RFQs where the part hasn't been quoted or sold recently, but don't worry-you'll see more and more values show up over time as more quote history becomes available.

As always, let us know any feedback you have at

For now, prioritize on those big deals out there and happy selling!

Patrick Morcus
Aug 20, 2021