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Patrick Morcus
Jun 22, 2021
min read
Product Updates

Have we followed up on open quotes? An often-raised question for sales teams. You can now easily add a filter in Rotabull to find out.

We've added inbox filters next to the search bar in Rotabull. You can search on multiple criteria like pricing, customers, and others.

Here's a quick video showing filters in action:

And here are some examples of common use cases to get you going:

Filter for quotes without a follow-up

Use this filter to prioritize follow-up actions on open quotes.

Just select "Quote" in the Rotabull search bar, add "Quote Follow Up," and select "No follow-ups". 

Filter on quotes without follow-up

Filter for different attributes in each deal stage

Depending on which stage you are in deals, you'll see different filters. e.g., in the RFQ stage, you set a date range (date received) to select a specific period. Just add the filter, and the results will show up immediately.

Different filters per deal stage

Add multiple filters

Add another filter to further narrow your results by selecting it from "Filters". 

Adding multiple filters

Remove filters

You can unselect one or more filters by just clicking on the X. 

Removing filters

As always, let us know any feedback you have at

For now, happy selling!

Patrick Morcus
Jun 22, 2021