Adding fees to quotes

Patrick Morcus
Jul 12, 2021
min read
Product Updates

Do you want to add a hazmat fee to a DG part quote? Or other fees? Now you can include custom fees when sending a quote through Rotabull.

Based on user feedback, we added a button to quickly add fees while you are preparing your quote in Rotabull.

Adding a fee to a quote

You can browse  saved fees in a dropdown in the quote view. From there, select the one you'd like to use, and fill out the rest of the line.

Adding a hazmat fee

Fees are added as separate lines on the quote, and are visible in the quote preview before sending.

Example of a hazmat fee in a quote preview

As always, let us know any feedback you have at

For now, happy selling!

Patrick Morcus
Jul 12, 2021