Add internal notes on quotes

Patrick Morcus
Jul 29, 2021
min read
Product Updates

How did you set this quoted price? Now you can make quick, internal notes about the quotes you send from in Rotabull.

You can already add customer-facing notes easily, but what about when you want to add a private note for your future self, or for your team?

Now it's easy to add context or reminders for your team while you're sending a quote. This shared background information is available for all your team members when they open your quote, and in reports. It's even synced back to your ERP system, so you can view it there too!

Adding internal notes on a quote in Rotabull

Notes are easily visible by the whole team to add shared context

As always, let us know any feedback you have at

For now, happy selling!

Patrick Morcus
Jul 29, 2021