Pentagon 2000

Dana Serikov
Jan 1, 2021
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Data and Insights

Pentagon 2000 is a popular ERP for aircraft part sellers and repair shops.

Pentagon 2000 is an ERP solution for aircraft operators, maintenance centers, component repair and overhaul shops, manufacturers, distributors and parts traders.

Rotabull seamlessly integrates with Pentagon 2000, making sales work simpler and faster.

Rotabull has a direct, 2-way integration with Pentagon S2000. This lets you view your historical ERP data in Rotabull, and sync work back to your ERP as you work in Rotabull.

By constantly syncing data between your ERP system and marketplaces, you can receive RFQs, send quotes, and close deals all in one place while keeping your ERP data up-to-date.

Refer to this post to learn more about various ERPs for the aviation industry.

Questions about the Rotabull Pentagon 2000 integration and how it can work for you? Schedule a demo.

Dana Serikov
Jan 1, 2021