Dana Serikov
May 1, 2020
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Data and Insights

PartsLogistics is a service to help connect buyers and sellers in the global aviation community.

PartsLogistics is a platform that lists and searches the inventory of many suppliers in one place, focusing on Military and Government procurement.
Since 1994 PartsLogistics has provided access to buy, sell and research parts and equipment. Rotabull supports the following integrations with PartsLogistics

  • Listings: listing available parts through PartsLogistics
  • RFQs: receiving RFQs from interested buyers into Rotabull

Want to improve your listings on PartsLogistics (and other marketplaces)? We developed a tool to analyze your actual performance on main listing services (ILS, Partsbase, Locatory, Stockmarket, etc.). Use our tool to receive our suggestions to improve your listing. Success guaranteed.

Refer to this post to learn more about marketplaces and how they differ.

Learn more about the Rotabull x PartsLogistics integration and how it can work for you. Schedule a demo.

Dana Serikov
May 1, 2020