More automation and sync options

Dana Serikov
May 2, 2023
min read
Product Updates

Here is what’s new in Rotabull!

Autoquote just got better!

Whether you want to use historical quotes as a source or a manual list – Rotabull can do it all. With the new and improved autoquote you can add the parts you’d like to quote, provide a spreadsheet, tell Rotabull to use your quote history, or do all of the above. 

In addition to using multiple sources for autoquotes you now have more options when selecting the quantity you’d like to quote. 


Set up takes a few minutes and quotes go out to your customers in seconds.

If you’re ready to set an autoquote rule head to the automation section of your Rotabull settings. If you’d like to learn more about automatic quoting we have the guide here. 

Send an automatic no quote.

Yes! Rotabull now lets you send no quotes automatically. Set up is easy: select an archive rule and choose whether you’d like Rotabull to ignore or no quote the RFQ. 

Resync a quote to ERP.

Sent a quote but forgot to turn on the sync? No problem, insert the quote to your ERP with just a click.

Don’t have a Rotabull account? Get to know Rotabull and what it can do for you. 

Dana Serikov
May 2, 2023