RFQ Routing Rules and Analyze Sales

Brendan Shannon
Jun 19, 2020
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Product Updates

New this week in Rotabull: New API, more RFQ routing rules, analyze sales by month.

It's been a big start to summer for our product team. The last round of updates included features like invoicing, RFQ notifications, and optional ERP sync, just to name a few. Here are some more new things in Rotabull:

  • Build integrations with a brand new Rotabull API (in private preview)
  • Have RFQs auto-assigned based on account owner
  • Track metrics regarding RFQs, quotes, and paid deals by month
  • Lots more (see below for details)

Build your own integrations with the Rotabull API
Rotabull integrates out-of-the-box with some of the most common applications, but what if you want to build your own integration? Our new API is now available in private preview, so you can use your imagination to connect Rotabull to new applications! Ask us for documentation.

Build your own integration

Auto-assign RFQs with new types of routing rules
It's already easy to assign RFQs to users inside of Rotabull. Now it's even easier. Users who work on specific accounts can get RFQs automatically delivered directly into their inbox.

Assign RFQs to users by company

Reporting Metrics by Month
Which part is most requested? Which part is most no-quoted? How quickly is my sales team responding to RFQs? What prices are we winning at? Which marketplaces get us the most RFQs?

All of these questions can now be answered month-by-month from our Reports page.

The answers are in the numbers

Other Improvements:

  • The performance of Pentagon quote sync has been improved substantially.
  • You can now list MRO capabilities on PartsBase and ePlane.
  • We improved the receipt experience, letting you more easily print out paid deal invoices and receipts.
  • You can now get email notifications when you process a paid deal.
  • Rotabull now auto-fills more fields in Aeroxchange quotes.
  • Alternate part numbers are now supported in Aeroxchange quotes.

Any features you'd like to see included in the next batch of feature updates? Let us know at success@rotabull.com.

May the RFQs be ever in your favor!

Brendan Shannon
Jun 19, 2020