Invoicing and notifications

Ben Frank
Apr 7, 2020
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Product Updates

New this week in Rotabull: Invoicing, More Notifications, and Selective ERP Sync.

After big improvements last month, including Pentagon 2000 support, bulk follow-ups, and smarter alternate part number handling, here are some new things in Rotabull:

  1. Send an invoice
  2. Get notifications when deals are assigned to you or your teams
  3. Turn ERP sync on or off for individual deals
  4. A whole list of other improvements (scroll down if you'd like the details).

Here is a little more info on each of these:

Send an invoice

You already entered all the customer and part number information into your quote. Why type it again? You can choose to finish the deal with less data entry by creating an invoice directly from a quote.

Invoices that fill themselves out!

Get deal notifications

Don't have your browser open all the time? No problem. You can opt to be notified when a deal is assigned to you.

Choose the level of notifications you prefer!

Selective ERP Sync

We're big fans of recording as much sales data as possible in your ERP. At the same time, we understand occasionally there are deals that you don't need or want to record. You can now select whether to sync a deal to your ERP on a deal-by-deal basis. It's as easy as flipping a switch.

Other improvements this week

  1. We made major improvements to the spreadsheet upload experience. Now, the form accepts more file types, recognizes more columns, and gives better feedback when there's an error.
  2. You can now view your customers' email attachments from the RFQ response form.
  3. You can now send attachments on quotes through more marketplaces.
  4. We improved the quoting experience for marketplaces that don't allow certain condition codes.
  5. "All Deals" is now the default inbox for all new users.
  6. Sender names on outbound emails are more descriptive.

Stay healthy and happy quoting!

Ben Frank
Apr 7, 2020