Euram Air Leases speeds up quoting with Rotabull

Patrick Morcus
Jul 13, 2021
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Look at what Euram Air Leases achieves with Rotabull.

Euram Air Leases is an Irish specialist in Aircraft Engine Disassembly, Leasing and Trading, Aftermarket Parts sales, Repair, Inventory, and Consignment Management headquartered in Ferbane. 

Improving turnaround time quotes

Euram Air Leases approached Rotabull because they were not satisfied with the turnaround time for quotes. Building each quote manually in Quantum took the time that added up throughout the day, keeping them from completing other sales tasks.

Quoting with less effort

All customer quotes insert into Quantum automatically. They have hours of extra free time each day to complete other responsibilities. By quoting through Rotabull, Euram's quote turnaround times reduce drastically. 

Euram Air Leases uses ILS, PartsBase, Stockmarket, and Aeroxchange to list its inventory. Euram's stock is refreshed on the marketplaces daily, using the Rotabull's integration with Component Control's Quantum.

With all customer quote data in Quantum, they can receive accurate reporting to make more informed decisions and see all their customer data in one place.

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Patrick Morcus
Jul 13, 2021