Click-to-copy part numbers, new filter, and quicker invoicing

Dana Serikov
Dec 10, 2021
min read
Product Updates

We've added more features to make the sales process even more efficient.

Want to copy the customer name or part number without clicking into the deal?

We know for some of you the answer is YES. Which is why we built it. Scroll over the part number or customer name and click on the copy icon to the right, this will save it to clipboard!

Poof! Click and it's in your clipboard.

Trying to find a deal by source/marketplace?

Great — we’ve added a filter for that. Select as many as you’d like and find (and close) that deal faster!

Select as many as you'd like and take the necessary action(s).

Need to send an invoice but don’t have a Rotabull quote?

No problem! Adding an invoice is now as easy as adding an RFQ, go ahead and click the same Add Deal button and select Invoice, build it and send it. You can find your sent invoice in your Invoice section, that is of course until it is paid!

Ever get stuck numbering an invoice?

We think this new feature will help, just scroll over the tag to see the last number used.

Don’t have a Rotabull account yet? Get to know Rotabull and what it can do for you.

Dana Serikov
Dec 10, 2021