Autoquote Repair Capabilities

Dana Serikov
Jul 25, 2022
min read
Product Updates

The long-awaited Repair Autoquote feature is here! Just as you’ve been able to do for Sales, Repair RFQs can now be quoted without a single click

Setup is easy and there are two ways it can be done: 

If you’d like Rotabull to look at the repair capabilities listed in your ERP and set prices based on historical quotes choose the ERP Repair Capabilities option. If you’d like to manually set prices choose the Manual list option and add lines to the table in the rule.

Save your rule and let Rotabull do the quoting for you!

And of course the Rotabull team is always an email away, so please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions!

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Dana Serikov
Jul 25, 2022