Automated Inventory Updates

Brendan Shannon
Aug 4, 2022
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Over 100 companies are using Rotabull to automatically update their inventory on ILS, PartsBase, the145, b2b-aero, etc. 

ILS, PartsBase, Locatory, the145, b2b-aero… the list goes on. The listing services available to the aviation industry are some of the best places to market your inventory and repair capabilities. The kicker is that it’s a pain to have to update them daily, weekly or monthly - pick your poison. 

Export a list of inventory or capabilities, then identify what you want to list and not list - “John, is this warehouse OK to list?” Or maybe you have parts in your inventory as one condition code but it needs to be listed as another on one of the listing services. 

It’s not the most difficult task in the world, but it can be tedious.

Because of this, most companies are updating their listings weekly or monthly. This causes a few things to happen:

  1. They are listed lower on the search results than their competition who is updating daily, resulting in listings being buried and a decrease in new RFQs.
  2. The inventory you are showing is not up-to-date and you are forced to no-quote or ignore many RFQs because you don’t have the part in stock anymore
  3. Customers get annoyed when you say you have stock and then either get no answer or a no-quote
  4. It creates more work to edit the inventory sheet when it comes time to update it again, keeping you from other responsibilities

By pushing your inventory to the marketplaces daily, you can avoid these things and provide a better sales experience for both your customers and your sales team. Yes, it will be some work to manage it everyday, but we all list on our websites how much we all love customer service and doing everything we can to make the customer happy. Eat the frog. Do the work. 

If you’re in the “work smarter not harder” camp, there’s another option…

Rotabull Inventory Listings. 

Over 100 companies are using Rotabull to automatically update their inventory on ILS, PartsBase, the145, b2b-aero, etc. 

This saves them time, money on de-duplication of the line items, makes sure their inventory is always up today, earns them more RFQs every single day and makes sure they don’t have to be the ones doing all the leg work to accomplish this. 

The results are happier customers, happier sales teams, more sales and about a half hour saved each day.

Listings made easy.

Don’t have a Rotabull account yet? Get to know Rotabull and what it can do for you.

Brendan Shannon
Aug 4, 2022