Product features

Designed to sell more, while you do less

Listings management

Eliminates spreadsheets

Rotabull's core syncs your inventory and capability listings to supported marketplaces. It runs automatically in the background, with no need for manual data entry.

Never misses a day

Rotabull keeps your listings fresh to make sure you stay on the first page of search results. This maximizes your RFQs and sales.

Detects duplicates

Rotabull intelligently filters out your duplicates (which can save money on listing fees).

Grows with you

Rotabull's robustness and flat pricing makes it easy to list 10 line items, 2 million, or anywhere in between.

Flexible business rules

Control exactly what you want to list or exclude, for example, part numbers or entire warehouses.

Take a look inside


Faster quoting

Rotabull lets you quote from anywhere you have internet, in under a minute.

Read receipts

See who is actually opening your quote emails, so you can follow up with the right leads.

Syncs with Quantum

As an Authorized Quantum Control Program Partner™, Rotabull saves quotes back to your ERP system, so you never have to enter data twice.

Filter through the noise

Makes it easy to ignore inquiries from buyer or brokers you don't want to quote.

Safe and reliable