We've been hard at working on adding some really exciting new features to Rotabull. However, in the meantime we wanted to let you know of some of the smaller improvements we have added.

  • Choose your currency: There are now three currencies to choose from when sending a quote out of Rotabull: USD ($), CAD (C$), or EUR (€). The option is available on the right side of every quote response form.
  • "Respond By" date: We made it easier for your to prioritize your RFQs! There is now a "Respond By" column to the Rotabull inbox, so you can see which RFQs require more immediate attention. You can even filter on this column to get the most urgent RFQs on top!

  • Add comments and "snippets" on individual part numbers: Do you get RFQs that have multiple part number requests? We have made it easier to handle these! You can now add comments and saved snippets to individual part numbers. Each part number in the request will have an icon with three dots. Click this icon to open the comments box!

Don't forget to let us know if you want us to add snippets for you! These are used for language you repeat in many of your quotes. We will save the text so you don't have to retype it every time!

  • Coming this week: Rotabull will save company matches for Quantum syncing: We heard you! Having the ability to choose and create company matches to sync quotes to Quantum was an exciting feature release. However, there was room to make the matching process even easier. Rotabull got smarter, and now will remember your selections! If you choose a company match once, Rotabull will remember your choice for future quotes.

Please reach out to Customer Success at success@rotabull.com with any questions!