Here is a roundup of new things across Rotabull, rolling out to users this and next week.

  • RFQ inbox search improvements: The inbox now has full-text search, to help you find the RFQ you're looking for in seconds. RFQs can also be sorted by clicking on the column header.


  • Bulk ignore and No Quote: For those times you just want to clear out your inbox, you can send as many "No Quotes" as you want at once.


  • No Quote an individual line item: You can now send a "No Quote" response to an individual line item, without having to "No Quote" the whole package.


  • Export RFQ data into Excel: Ever want to analyze your RFQs in a spreadsheet? In the reports page, you can now download all your past RFQs and Quotes into a spreadsheet for offline analysis.


  • Set Quantum User: To make sure quotes are syncing to Quantum as the correct user, you can now change your "Quantum User" under settings.


  • Firebird database support: We have had lots of requests to add support for the Firebird DB version of Quantum. We are excited to announce this is now launching!