Here is a roundup of new things across Rotabull, rolling out to users this and next week.

  • Quote multiple MRO services: You can now quote multiple MRO services for a part, in the same quote (e.g., overhaul, repair, bench check). When a buyer requests prices for multiple services, Rotabull now lets you enter a different price for each one. Previously, multiple quotes were required.


  • See past pricing in Rotabull: When quoting, Rotabull now shows you the price the past few times you quoted the part. This speeds up quoting, by eliminating the need to check pricing in Quantum. If you would like this feature turned on, please contact


  • Print quotes: You can now go to any sent quote, and click "Print" to print or save the quote to pdf for your records.


  • List non-stock parts: You can now list inventory with Rotabull that is not tracked in Quantum. This feature can be used for consignment or parts that have not been formally received yet.


  • Custom email distribution list: Rotabull now allows users to add a list of custom email addresses, that will receive daily inventory / capability updates.


  • Resync quote to Quantum: Previously, quote syncing to Quantum could fail if the company or part number did not exist in Quantum. Rotabull now shows you the sync status for sent quotes, and allows you to retry the sync.


  • New marketplace integrations: New integrations for inventory and MRO capability listing are going live next week, including OneAeroMRO and ePlane. You can view these on the Settings > Integrations page.

As always, get in touch with any questions at