Introducing a new  Rotabull feature, rolling out to users this week!

New and improved company matching functionality: When quoting from Rotabull, there were previously three default settings to choose from when there was no company match in Quantum: insert all companies, insert none of the companies, or insert all no-match into a catch-all bucket.

Now, when you open a new RFQ, you will immediately see when a company is not a match with an existing company in Quantum. There will be a circle with a strike through icon as shown below.

You have the ability to decide what you do with this quote:

  1. You can decide to leave the company and the quote out of Quantum.

2. You can add create a new company in Quantum that matches the company name on the RFQ.

3. You can match the company to an existing company in Quantum (for example, if the company is a subsidiary). Rotabull will automatically pull up Quantum companies with a similar name. However, you can use the search box to find any company name in your Quantum.

If you choose to do nothing when there is no company match, Rotabull will follow your default setting.