Quantum Documents: We are excited to announce that the ability to attach documents to your quote directly out of Quantum is now fully released! This is a time-saving feature that will not only make your quotes look more sophisticated, but also save some email exchanges by giving your buyer the information upfront.

Please contact Customer Success at Success@Rotabull.com to have this feature enabled on your account!

RFQ Assignments: Are there multiple members of your team working out of the same Rotabull inbox? Do you want to get your team member's attention on a RFQ? Is it important to make sure a specific person answers a RFQ?

Our Assignments feature is here!

Select the check box next to the RFQ, click on the assign icon, and select the user you wish to assign the RFQ. 
The user initials will appear in a bubble next to the company name on the RFQ in the inbox.
You can remove an assignment by selecting the check next to the RFQ, going to the assign icon on the stop, and clicking "Unassign" from the pop-up window.