There are several new and improved features in Rotabull this month!

  • Copy a line item: Do you want to quote the same part in two different ways? This is a highly requested feature! You can now copy line items on a RFQ. This will be helpful for quoting multiple condition codes and stocklines.
Select Copy in the "more actions" dropdown.
  • Save a company match: If the company on an RFQ isn't an exact match to a company in Quantum, Rotabull can now match the company and remember the match in the future. Just make sure to check the box to "save this company match."
Click the orange strikethrough icon to bring up company matching.
Check the box to save a match for the future.
  • Split up your sales work into teams: We are in the early stages of rolling out Team Inboxes, a new feature that lets you split up work among different groups in your company. You can already assign RFQs to individuals. In our early-release version of this feature, you can assign RFQs to a team as well. If this would be useful in your company, please reach out to us at
[Beta] Assign RFQs to teams, and move between inboxes.
  • Manage your quote snippets: Speed up your quoting by saving commonly used notes as "snippets". You can now add, edit, and remove snippets from the notes field of the quote view.
Add, edit, and remove snippets.

Are you interested in following up on your quotes through Rotabull? Look out for our next feature release!