Here is what's new in Rotabull:

  1. Drafts: save your work, and come back to quote later
  2. Smarter search: find deals across all stages from one central search
  3. Zapier integration: link Rotabull to thousands of other apps
  4. A whole list of other improvements (scroll down for the details)

Here is a little more info on each of these:

Save your work for later with drafts

Sometimes you can't finish a quote in one go. Maybe you get pulled away by a phone call, need to do some pricing research, or just want someone else to take a look. You can now save a draft quote for later, or for sharing with a colleague.

Save a draft for later

You can now search from one bar, and find deals in any stage. No need to switch into a different inbox!

Search across any stage.

Connect Rotabull to thousands of other apps

Use Zapier to connect Rotabull to the most popular other apps, e.g., your CRM, your accounting system, Slack, or lots of others!

Other recent improvements

  1. Rotabull now automatically waives your subscription fees when you hit processing minimums.
  2. Warnings and alerts now appear in the notification center in the top navigation bar.
  3. More secure and streamlined SFTP upload system for customers with custom ERP systems or no ERP system.
  4. Quantum CQ number is visible in the sidebar for a sent quote.
  5. All customers see new line item design (previously in beta).
  6. Order refunds has a better and faster experience, starting from the Paid sidebar.
  7. Split your listings into multiple Pickup Sites on ePlane.
  8. Send both parts and MRO capability uploads to PartsBase through different channels.

Stay healthy and happy quoting!